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The city is a legal entity, which under the conditions set by the law, independently governs and administers the matters of its own properties and incomes.

The city in the exercise of the self-government acts in following issues:

  1. Performs all operations in regard of the proper management of all movable and immovable property of the city as well as the property of the state abandoned to use to the city.
  2. Compiles and approves the budget of the city as well as its final account each year.
  3. Decides in matters of local taxes and fees and administers them.
  4. Directs economic activities in the city, and if it is a matter of law or regulation, issues approval or opinion or statement towards the legal entities, natural persons or entreprenuers and their activities on the city territory and issues statement about their investment activities.
  5. Creates an efficient system of controls and also any type of organizational, financial, personnel and material conditions to run the city.
  6. Provides the construction and maintenance of local communications, roads, public spaces, city cemetery, cultural, sports and other city facilities, cultural heritage, monumental territory and monuments of the city.
  7. Provides public services, handling municipial waste and small construction waste, keeping the city clean, management of public green and lighting, drinking water supply, wastewater discharge etc.
  8. Shapes and protects conditions for healthy life and work conditions its own citizens, protects the environment, shapes the conditions for proper health services, education, culture, educational activity, sports…
  9. Fulfills the role of consumer protection and creates the conditions for supplying the city and its citizens with food, determines the sale´s time rules, opening hours as well as manages the city market.
  10. Approves land-use planning documentation of settlements and zones, procures and approves housing development programs and creates suitable housing conditions for living in the city for all citizens.
  11. Performs its own investment and business activities in the order to secure the needs and development of the town and its citizens.
  12. It establishes, cancels and controls according to a special laws and regulations its budget and contributory organizations, other legal entities and facilities.
  13. Organizes the vote of the city's citizens about relevant issues of life and development of the city.
  14. Organizes public order or even by an order can temporally or locally limit certain activities for a period of time or space.
  15. Ensures the protection of cultural monuments within the scope of specific regulations and the conservation of natural values.
  16. Fulfills the tasks in the field of social assistance within the scope of specific regulations.
  1. Performs the certification of documents and signatures on the various documents.
  2. Leads the city's chronicle in the state language or in the language of the national minority.


date: 2019-10-19

Name day of: Kristián

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